February 28th, 2012

To all Windham voters:

I have served as your School District Moderator since 1993 and I ask for your vote on March 13 so that I can continue to serve you in that role.

A School District Moderator has three areas of responsibility; to run the Annual School District Deliberative meeting, to oversee the annual School District elections, and to appoint committees as directed by the voters.  (The School District Moderator does not have any responsibility or authority at regular school board meetings.)

When conducting the annual school deliberative session, my goal is that all voters who attend the meeting – and all voters who watch the meeting on cable- understand what is happening and what it is that they can do to affect the outcome.

Before the meeting starts, I outline the procedures that will be used. I always state that the voters have the right to ask questions, make amendments, and make motions, including motions to overrule the moderator.  I strive to make the meeting efficient, productive and respectful.

The meeting must also be conducted within the state statutes.  I am always aware that if there is a procedural error during the meeting, the subsequent votes could be ruled invalid by state officials or the court. It is therefore important the moderator knows the relevant statutes and follows them.

I have attended a number of statewide trainings for moderators and I have even served to be a panelist at several of these trainings.  I have also learned from attending every annual school district meetings since I moved here in 1972- except the 1976 meeting which was the day my youngest son was born.  (I think I get a pass on that one!)

It has been said that good moderating is an art. It is a constant balance between making sure that the voters know what they need to know, keeping the meeting moving, protecting the rights of all voters, applying the relevant statutes, showing neutrality on the issues under deliberation, and not inserting one’s own opinion into the proceedings.

I have kept abreast of the various state statutes that govern the election procedures.  I have attended training specific to election procedures. When I worked at the Attorney General’s Office, I was actually one of the persons sent out to oversee election procedures in towns all over the state.

I am proud that the school district elections throughout the years have essentially gone without any problems.

As moderator I have not be called on to appoint committees very often, but when I have, I have taken care to make sure that the persons appointed to the committees represent a broad spectrum of opinions about the subject matter.  For the most recent committee that I appointed as a result of the 2011 vote, the committee to study whether or not to withdraw from the supervisory union, I actually interviewed the persons who had volunteered, along with the persons who I recruited to ensure a diversified committee.

I do not intend to add to the clutter of signs along our roadways.  Instead, I hope this site gives you real, substantive information about my qualifications, my work experience, and my history of service to the town.  If you have any questions, please contact me at EADunn30@aol.com.

I trust that you will remember my proven record of reliable performance as School District Moderator and I respectfully ask for your vote on March 13.



Elizabeth A. (Betty) Dunn



Statutes Relevant to School District Moderator’s Duties

New Hampshire statute RSA 671 contains the law that specifically relates to the duties of school district officials, including the moderator.  http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-LXIII-671.htm

In addition, many statutes that describe the duties of a town moderator also apply to a school district moderator, including sections of RSA 40, 42, and 669. http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-III-40.htm


http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-LXIII-669.htm .




Excerpts from my Resume


Commissioner, New Hampshire Victim’s Assistance Commission, Concord, NH

May 2002 to Present

Reviewed requests for compensation by victims of crime for eligibility under statute and administrative rules, and voted on award of payment of expenses directly related to victimization.  Contributed to the proposed revision of the commission’s administrative rules.

Board of Directors, Pennichuck Corporation, Merrimack, NH

January 2012 to Present

Direct and assist the management of a regional water supply and landholding corporation.  Approve budgets, policies and strategic plans.

Assistant Attorney General, State of New Hampshire, Department of Justice, Concord

December 2001 to September 2007

Prosecuted criminal cases, including white-collar crime and financial abuse cases, the prosecution of attorneys, local and state officials, police officers, and homicides.  Answered inquiries from state and local agencies concerning legal issues and procedures.  Responded to citizen complaints of wrong-doing.  Researched, wrote, and argued appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court and Federal District Court.

Assistant County Attorney, Office of the Rockingham County Attorney, Brentwood, NH

May 1999 to December 2001

Prosecuted felony and misdemeanor crimes in Superior and District courts.  Researched, wrote, and argued related legal issues.  Negotiated and implemented settlement of cases.  Advised law enforcement agencies on legal issues.

Associate Attorney, Boutin & Associates, Londonderry, NH

February 1998 to May 1999

Represented municipalities and private clients before land use boards and other municipal boards. Drafted ordinances and regulations.  Advised municipal boards and officials on legal issues and procedures.  Researched and wrote related motions, memoranda, and appeal documents for Superior and Supreme courts.



Zoning Board of Adjustment, Windham, NH

1982-1986, Regular Member; 2009, Alternate; 2010-Present, Regular Elected Member

Heard and decided appeals to the Town Zoning Ordinance and Building Codes.

Member of the Board of Selectmen, Windham, NH

1986-1993, 1994-1997, Chair 1989-1990, and 1995-1997.

Set and implemented budgets. Negotiated and entered into contracts for the Town, including union contracts. Ensured the Town’s compliance with state statutes.  Initiated, negotiated and defended lawsuits on behalf of the Town.  Developed and enacted ordinances.  Supervised and evaluated department heads.  Developed and enacted personnel policies and procedures.  Made appointments to Town boards and committees.

School District Moderator, Windham, NH 1993-Present

Conducted Annual School District Meeting.  Served as an election official.  Made appointments to committees as directed by vote of the Annual Meeting



Adjunct Faculty, Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH

Spring Semester 1998

Instructed first year law students in a course on Community Lawyering, a first-year practical skills course.

ESL Staff Tutor, Northern Essex Community College, Lawrence, MA 1994

Instructed ESL (English as a Second Language) students in grammar, writing, and pronunciation. 

ESL Teacher, International Institute, Lawrence, MA 1983-1985

Taught oral and written English comprehension, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and writing skills.  Coordinated with job placement and resettlement counselors.



Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH

May 1997

Juris Doctorate–Top 20% of graduating class

Framingham State College, Framingham, MA

Bachelor of Science in Education



New Hampshire Bar

United States District Court of New Hampshire Bar

Windham Historic Commission

Canobie Lake Protective Association Board of Directors

Manchester Choral Society, singer (2001 to present) and Board of Directors (2003-2007)